• Wizard of Oz Slots Review: A Feature-Filled Slot

    Wizard of Oz Slots Review: A Feature-Filled Slot

    Slot machine games are the best casino games if you want to play alone or in a more fast-paced setting. Depending on the casino, you will find different slot machines that you can enjoy, whether you’re a beginner or a veteran. If you happen to be a fan of The Wizard of Oz franchise, you would love the Wizard Of Oz slots. Fortunately, you can enjoy this slot in the comfort of your own home because it is available online for free.

    The Wizard of Oz-based slot machine is being distributed by WMS, which is one of the known developers of slot machines and casino games around the world. Players were stunned when the slot first appeared in the market. In addition to its theme, its features were and are still being enjoyed by the players. One of its memorable features is the Winged Monkey feature, a feature that includes flying elements that make it unique compared to games in the same market.

    For players who want to experience the game before using real money, you can now play it for free. Wizard Of Oz slots is now online and being offered by a lot of online casinos. Here are the things you need to know about the game.

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          Minimum Bet
          0.01 per line
          Maximum Bet
          150 per line

    Wizard of Oz Slot Machine Features

    Wizard Of Oz slot machine is known for its five-reels that features the famous characters of the movie with the same title. You can play the five-reel version or the three-reel version, whichever you prefer. WMS is adding more versions of the game, including the Wicked Riches and the Ruby Slippers. Bet per pay line can be changed in the machine using the slider. There are 30 pay lines available if you choose to activate all the pay lines for each spin. Players can bet for as low as 0.30 to as high as 150. You can change the user interface by pressing the “C” or the “QB” under the Auto bet button. If you choose “C”, the arrowed version of the UI will appear. “QB” gets the slider option, which is better if you don’t want to click again and again to make adjustments in your betting strategy. Like other real money slots, Wizard of Oz supports the Auto bet option.

    Aesthetics, Icons, and Paytable

    Aesthetics, Icons, and Paytable Each reel of the Wizard of Oz game features popular characters from the franchise. The highest common icon is Dorothy, who is worth 3,750 points in the highest option. The second valuable icon is Dorothy’s crew, which is valued at 2,500. Other common icons feature things that are relevant in the franchise, such as the witch, valued at 750 points. The best icons in this game are the Wilds, Jackpots, and Features. Wilds will replace a missing icon if the winning pattern is possible. Jackpot icons will only appear in the base game and will give the player up to 10,000 coins. Meanwhile, the feature icon can only be found on reels 1, 3, and 5. Feature icons will trigger the Oz Pick Feature, which will be discussed in the next section. A constant 30 active pay lines rule the game. To change the number of active pay lines, make sure that you’re in the “C” version of the user interface. A minimum active pay line in each spin is 1 line, in which the equivalent will be based on your bet per line amount. RTP for this slot is 95.99%, which is decent but not as high as Mega Joker, which has 99%.

    Bonus Games And Free Spins

    Glinda Good Witch

    Who wouldn’t know about Glinda, the most powerful sorceress in the whole Land of Oz? She is one of the most influential characters in the movie, that’s why it’s not surprising to see her make a special appearance in the Wizard of Oz play. During the gameplay, Glinda will appear and will alter reels with wild icons. This feature is for Wild icons only and will not affect Jackpot and Feature icons.

    Oz Pick Feature

    The Oz Pick Feature is another innovative addition to this game. When Feature icon appears on 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels, it will trigger what is called the Oz Pick Feature. The player will choose among the Feature icons to play the bonus game. Players can enjoy the Winged Monkey feature, the Emerald City Feature, or a monetary amount if these features are not picked. Oz Pick can only be triggered via the Feature icon in the base game.

    Road To Emerald City

    The Road to Emerald City is a picking game that features most of the relevant characters of the movie. This mini-game works like Minesweeper: you must pick an emerald and receive either a monetary amount or a character (like Scarecrow, Tin Man, etc.) until you get the bomb (Feature icon). Once you picked the Feature icon logo, the bonus game is over, and you can’t pick the remaining emeralds. To finish the game, you need to find the wizard and get a big prize. If you failed, you’d still get a small amount.

    Winged Monkey

    Winged Monkey Another feature unique to the game, Winged Monkey, is a mode that can be triggered only via Oz Pick. The player will be given eight free spins and an activated Winged Monkey Wild. Winged Monkey Wild icon can only appear on reel 3. If the icon appears, the player will be asked to click anywhere on the screen to unleash the Winged Monkeys, which will replace the icons on the reel to wild icons, resulting in more earnings. If the Winged Monkey Retrigger icons appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, the player will get another eight free spins.

    Sites That Offer The Wizard Of Oz Slots

    Because of its popularity, a lot of online casinos are offering Wizard of Oz free slots. One of these sites is Zynga, which is known for its mobile and online games. If you ever played games like Zynga Poker or FarmVille, you might be familiar with this site already. Another site that offers a free version of Wizard of Oz is Penny Slot Machine, in which you need a working Adobe Flash Player to play the game. If you’re more of a mobile gamer, the slot is available in both Google Play and Apple store to download. Additionally, there are weekly games and prizes in the mobile version, so better check it out.


    Wizard of Oz free slot machines is an entertaining slot for players that want to play something different. The Winged Monkey and Road to Emerald City features are refreshing concepts. Whether you’re a veteran or someone who just discovered online casino, you can expect enjoyment in your playtime with this slot. Use the free version of the game to come up with the best strategy that suits your play style. You can even play the game with your friends and learn about the casino industry. Enjoy the game, and make sure to follow your guidelines to avoid loses and debts.
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